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    A team of 5 top orienteering athletes running for Appmodule illustrates the basic values regarding innovation in a challenging market environment: ambitious goals need to be addressed step by step, execution plans shall be reconsidered in order to find the optimal route and speed plus clever brainwork must be combined for reaching the goal. All «our» athletes are either Swiss and/or even World Champions in their disciplines. This makes us at Appmodule very proud, and we try to learn from them to become champions in «our discipline» too! 

    Together with our business partners, we want to pioneer innovations for the digitalization and data-driven future.

    SIOT end-to-end platform - IoT made «simple»


    Connecting all types of peripheral devices (things) to a wide variety of applications while guaranteeing real-time data communication, ruggedness and safety? A real challenge. This is why we developed our own IoT-platform named «SIOT», which is suitable for any application, easy to use and effective.

    The «SIOT» platform kit offers you:

    Security - your data will always stay in your hand, totally independent and self-sufficient.

    Simplicity - a complete end-to-end IoT solution from a single source; from field to user, including customization and lifecycle management.

    Swarm-network-technology - many small private clouds are cross-linked to a big swarm cloud, which makes your data safe from total failures.

    Modularity – platform modules can be flexibly configured, added or replaced by customer and third-party modules.

    ...is made in Switzerland and Serbia, produced and developed by a young, innovative team of top engineers.


    SIOT is for anyone who wants to be the master of his own data.



    Which device data should be recorded?


    No matter which device (sensor, actuator, machine, ...) you want to integrate into the IoT platform, SIOT data acquisition always offers an optimal and flexible solution.

    Key facts:

    Gateway/Proxy Solutions - from hardware, firmware and software to customized solutions, you get everything from a single source.

    Interfaces & Protocols - Support of all common interfaces and protocols, such as RS-485, RS-232, Modbus, USB, M-Bus, LoRa, LoRaWAN, CAN, MQTT, REST, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, etc.

    Anomaly detection - Anomalies are automatically detected and processed in the data.

    Data pre-evaluation - intermediate results are already generated «on the edge» and data volumes are reduced.

    Data output - output is done according to customer needs to any destination, such as to the private SIOT cloud, public clouds or existing customer solutions.



    What type of cloud do you need?


    Whether private, public or hybrid cloud solution, with the SIOT platform you choose the right solution for you depending on the application and security requirements.

    Key facts:

    Cloud providers - in addition to the private SIOT cloud, custom solutions are supported alongside all popular public cloud providers.

    SIOT cloud hosting - choose hosting in your data center or in one of our high-performance data centers.

    Service - we are happy to offer you our long-term experience in hosting and take over the entire lifecycle management of your cloud solution for you.


    How can I manage my fleet devices?


    Using SIOT fleet management, you control your entire IoT fleet quickly and securely over the Internet (OTA) - regardless of the number of devices.

    Key facts:

    Provisioning - via a generic SIOT provisioning app, simple programming with compatible firmware is performed directly in the field. In this way, multifunction devices can always be commissioned with the desired version. Therefore, the app communicates with the device bootloader, which is enriched with specific SIOT provisioning functions.

    Decoupling device manufacturing from firmware development - thanks to provisioning and the «Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)» function, manufacturing and firmware development do not have to be synchronized. Programming of devices in the field is possible at any time. Even devices in the warehouse with older firmware versions are no longer a problem. Sensitive firmware always remains in your hands, as it no longer needs to be distributed to production.

    Health and status - the system can collect and provide health and status information at any time. Depending on the results, service actions can be initiated directly, such as targeted firmware updates. Predictive maintenance within reach.

    How can I visualize device data and messages?


    All information that can be called up in the SIOT platform, such as device data, messages, error reports etc., is available to the user easily and quickly. Depending on the use case, visualization takes place on an iOS, Android mobile device or in a web application. If a generic presentation of the data is not sufficient, we will provide you with an optimally tailored solution. Alternatively, the use of third-party solutions or the connection of existing solutions is possible.

    Key facts:

    Platforms - iOS, Android and Web

    Third party providers - Grafana, etc.

    Can I use my own business logic?


    Yes, required business logics can be integrated in all areas of the SIOT platform. This flexibly adapts your IoT solution to your application. Typically, the logic parts are located in the data acquisition, cloud, fleet management and visualization modules.

    Examples of specific business logics:

    Data acquisition - specifications for pre-processing, storage and monitoring.

    Cloud - definition of additional data sources and defaults for data storage.

    Fleet management - customization of provisioning and message management.

    Visualization - mobile or web application, optimized for the use case and target user.

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